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Five reasons to study Business in Tech

Thursday, April 7th, 2022

woman with tablet computer considering why study business in tech at Ulster

Are you a tech professional?

Are you looking for a digital leadership course to improve your business skills and career prospects?

Wondering how Ulster’s MSc Business in Tech can help you achieve your goals? Wonder no more.

Read this quick, comprehensive guide to why our online business programme is the perfect next step in your tech career.

Why Ulster’s MSc Business in Tech is the digital leadership course for you


There are a few courses out there that can help you improve your business consulting, strategy, leadership and management skills. Some are full-time degrees; others are short courses. A couple will give you CV-boosting qualifications, others offer the chance to network with like-minded tech professionals around the globe.

Ulster’s Business in Tech programme is based out of the growing tech hub of Northern Ireland and offers a range of benefits that you might not expect from a digital leadership course like this.

Here are our top 5 reasons for choosing our course:

1. Business in Tech is a unique offering

Our programme is the first of its kind in the UK – a business-oriented programme specifically aimed at people working in the technology sector. Unlike a generic MBA or general business and management masters degree, we’ve designed our modules and course structure to reflect the specific needs of tech professionals.

If you work in tech and want to be able to manage stakeholders better, improve your consulting skills, and take a leading a part in transformational changes in your organisation, you’ll struggle to find a programme that’s as comprehensive and as tailored to your needs as our MSc.

As a technologist, your skillset is unique, and the knowledge you need to advance into more senior roles is very specific. We really understand and care what’s important to you – something that might not be the case elsewhere.

2. You’ll gain an industry-driven qualification

A course dedicated to the tech sector needs to address the concerns of the industry. Teaching digital transformation skills requires a faculty with its finger on the pulse of the tech world. That’s exactly what we’ve assembled at Ulster University Business School.

Not only do several members of our academic staff come from backgrounds in the sector, but the Business in Tech programme has been meticulously designed with input from industry. We consulted with industry leaders, large organisations and key executives to build our modules and learning outcomes. Course tutors also keep in regular contact with their industry connections, who stay involved with the programme evolution on an ongoing basis.

On our masters, everything you learn is verified by people who understand the tech world and focused on honing your skills to work at higher levels of your industry.

Study online at Ulster 

To provide the most accessibility for working professionals, our Business in Tech programme allows students to graduate with any of three qualifications: 

Each qualification leads on from the last, in an online, part-time format. There is also the option to pay module-by-module and take breaks as needed. 

3. Develop advanced tech skills

You may be a technology professional with many years of experience under your belt. In that case, a chief reason for looking into a digital leadership course is that it will address higher level skills that you need.

Business in Tech is a postgraduate qualification. We assume a certain level of experience and expertise, and don’t focus on teaching you the tech skills you already possess.

Instead, our programme focuses on the advanced business analysis, consulting, and leadership skills that will help you into more senior roles within your organisation. The course is challenging but you’re fully supported throughout to understand and implement business innovation. You’ll leave the programme ready to lead transformation, manage stakeholders, and achieve your ambitious business objectives.

4. The programme is timely and relevant

Technology moves fast. So does the tech sector. Alongside our strong connections to industry, we ensure that our programme strictly addresses market trends and technologies that are up-to-date and relevant.

Our aim is advancing business and leadership capability in a tech-led world. This means we’re invested in preparing you for senior roles in the technology industry as it actually is, not as an academic theories say that it might or should be.

Our tutors know what your priorities are, both from their own experience and from consulting with our industry partners. More than anything, we’re committed to delivering course outcomes that are timely and vocationally useful.

5. Learn a combination of academic theory and practical application

Designing career-oriented modules means more than teaching you the theories and models of business principles. While it’s important to have a firm grounding in the thinking and business strategies, we make sure you always take your learning into the workplace.

We believe in learning by doing and we encourage you to apply your new knowledge just as you will when you go into your job. Whether it’s a work-based assignment, a practical assessment or a research project into an area relevant to you, the Business in Tech programme is focused on transferring your learning into your job environment.

Business in Tech programme – preparing you for a senior role in tech

This article has just presented a quick journey through the main benefits of our unique tech industry masters programme. However, there’s a lot more to the course that will benefit your career and help you become a better, more confident and skilful leader in the tech-led world:

  • Networking opportunities with other tech professionals from the UK and beyond
  • The option to graduate sooner with a PG Cert or PG Dip – or the full MSc in around 2 years
  • A dedicated Student Success Team to support you throughout your studies
  • Flexible online learning – part-time teaching, accessible any time and place that suits your schedule

To find out more about the different modules on offer, and the extensive benefits of the programme, visit our Business in Tech MSc programme page or speak to one of our Enrolment Advisors about the next intake.

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