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What to expect from a consultation call? An Enrolment Guide

Friday, August 11th, 2023

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At Ulster Online we pride ourselves on the level of student support we offer, not only for existing students, but also for prospective students still weighing up their options. 

If you are considering one of our online Masters programmes, our team of expert Enrolment Advisors are on hand to provide all the guidance you need to make the right decision for you. 

Book a free consultation call for expert guidance and advice on your study options and graduate career paths. 

Here we explain further what GBC is and how you can apply for it if you need to. 

What is an Enrolment Advisor? 

The role of an Enrolment Advisor is to provide you with information about Ulster University and your programme of interest. The Advisor’s aim is to help you make an informed decision on whether you would like to study at Ulster, based on your interests and goals. 

Our Enrolment Advisors are dedicated to supporting your choice in enriching your knowledge and dedicating yourselves to a goal that you are passionate about. Choosing where and what to study is a challenging task and our Enrolment Advisors are here to help facilitate your choice and help you meet your professional goals.

“As an Enrolment Advisor, what I enjoy most is helping students discover their passion and guiding them towards achieving their educational goals. 

We get to talk to students every day from all over the world and from diverse backgrounds, starting from professionals in their early 20s all the way to retirement age. Having these conversations is what makes this role so enjoyable!”

– Anne Kanamori, Ulster Online Enrolment Advisor 

How can the Enrolment Advisors support prospective students? 

As well as guiding you to the right programme, Enrolment Advisors can also share information on university services such as university facilities, career support, the alumni network and more. They will also provide appropriate links to help you access these services. 

Common questions our advisors can answer include those regarding learning outcomes, programme accreditation, online learning structure, module content, time commitment, fees, the application process and ongoing student support 

What is a consultation call and what can I expect? 

A consultation call is a prearranged phone call you have with your Enrolment Advisor before you can enrol on the course. On your free consultation call, you can expect detailed information about the university, your programme of interest and answers to any questions you may have.  

Our expert Advisors can inform you on what skills and knowledge you’ll need to start a career in your specific industry related to the course, giving valuable career advice with zero obligation. 

In addition to this, our advisors hope to hear your reasons for enquiring and what you would like to get out of the programme so that they can determine if the programme is a suitable fit. 

Why should I take a consultation call? 

There are many benefits of taking a consultation call. You’ll not only get personalised support and human insight into the programme and application details based on your general career ambitions. You’ll also benefit from speaking with a real person about your options to determine whether the course is the right fit for you. 

Additionally, advisors can share further module information on specific areas of focus and point to those that may best help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

To take advantage of your free consultation call from Ulster Online’s expert Enrolment Advisors, please fill out the interest form on the programme page 

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