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Four Reasons You Should Choose Online Learning

Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

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There’s a huge demand for online and distance learning courses. By 2025, the online learning market will be valued at $350 billion and is expected to continue growing in popularity. If you’re interested in taking your career to the next level or interested in the academic rigour of the course, online learning offers several advantages to traditional on-campus learning.

Below we’ve listed four of the biggest reasons why people are being drawn to online learning.

Flexibility and time management

The main benefit of online learning is its flexibility. Balancing work-life commitments can be difficult. Not everyone has the time or resources to be able to study on campus or commute to class. Others may have families, difficult work commitments or even health issues which make it difficult to attend teaching on campus.

However, with a distance learning course, you get to set when and where you work. You set the pace when you study a Masters online. You get to study alongside your existing commitments, which is a massive benefit. Students can continue working or balancing other responsibilities while also receiving an outstanding education.

Shape your own learning environment

Also, you get to choose where you study, meaning your learning environment can be tailored to wherever works best for you. Being able to shape your where you study can have tangible benefits on learning outcomes. Research suggests that students who learn at home tend to spend more time learning and score higher on a test than students who learn in school. Do you find it easier to concentrate at home? Would you like to catch up on a lecture while sitting in a café? Both options work well through a distance learning model.

Improved Career Prospects

Most employers regard online and on-campus degrees from reputable universities as being more or less the same. Generally, the course content of an online degree is virtually identical to an on-campus degree, and many universities, such as Ulster University, offer all the resources and support distance learning students need.

Plus, being able to study online has several other advantages. Firstly, if you’re working throughout, it enables you to concurrently gain work experience while studying without having to take a career break. Secondly, many employers admire the dedication needed to successfully complete a degree alongside other commitments.

Improving Critical Thinking Skills

One of the added benefits of online learning is its ability to improve critical thinking skills. Through a distance learning course, you’ll have access to all learning materials, such as discussion boards, virtual lectures and readings. Being successful in an online masters or degree programme will allow you to demonstrate your motivation and ability to pace yourself independently.

This self-sufficiency is important to being able to achieve your academic goals and helps to demonstrate to employers that you are driven and able to independently tackle obstacles.

Here at Ulster University, our distance learning and online courses are specifically designed to complement your work and improve your skills.

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More and more students are opting for online learning because of the flexibility and freedom it offers.

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